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To start investing in all potential opportunities, investors need two things: an understanding of which investment products and strategies are most appropriate for their situation and a relationship with a trustworthy representative who has a clear understanding of their needs. Straightforward Wealth Management takes pride in helping our clients understand their financial plan and investments so they can pursue their goals. We seek to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and help them plan for the many financial milestones throughout life.


Since 2007, when upfront lease signing bonus was only $50 per acre, the founder of Straightforward Wealth Management has been involved in helping the individuals residing in Wyoming, Susquehanna and Bradford Counties, who have been receiving or are qualified to receive natural gas royalties. 

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Over the years we have continued to gain knowledge and expertise in this area and have been challenging the conventional wisdom time and time again by thinking "out of the box". Let us challenge your thinking and show you why we are focused on working with clients involved in the natural gas area.

We have also worked with and designed retirement strategies for those individuals retiring from companies like Procter & Gamble, local unions and more.

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<p>Our History</p>

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