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Bernard P. Martin Jr., CFP®, CPA/PFS

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   We specialize in working with clients that have recently received natural gas royalties.  We design retirement strategies for those individuals retiring from companies like Procter & Gamble, local unions and more. 

    Ever since 2007 when upfront lease signing bonus was only $50 per acre, the founder of Straightforward Wealth Management, LLC.  has been intensely involved in helping the individuals residing in Wyoming, Susquehanna and Bradford Counties.  Many of the individuals receiving natural gas royalties have worked hard their whole life and now are receiving their deserved fortune in the form of royalties.  

    Straightforward Wealth Management, LLC has had and continues to have an unrelenting thirst for knowledge and expertise in this area.  We have continuously challenged conventional wisdom time and time again in natural gas planning by thinking "out of the box".  Let us challenge your thinking and show you why we are focused on working with clients involved in the natural gas area.   


    Just like almost all full service planning firms, we provide assistance in various types of financial products and financial services.  We have listed below just a few of the multitude of types of financial products and services that we provide.

    It is our objective financial advice along with all the "out of the box" strategies or little tweaks here and there that we implement that sets us apart and makes us different.  "The difference is in the details". 

    But without question, the most important thing you should truly be searching for is someone that you trust.  I have been in this industry long enough to know and have met many dedicated advisors in our area that appear to me to care about the well being of their clients and to place their client's interests above their own. 

    Your goal should be to search out an advisor who you truly trust, whether they work at a wirehouse, bank or at an independent broker dealer, as I do.  We have set up this website to assist and continually educate our current clients, while also providing prospective clients education and as a way for you get to know us in the comfort of your own home.


Common Stock
Mutual Funds
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
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Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)
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Brokerage Accounts
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Managed Accounts
Variable, Fixed  & Indexed Annuities
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Financial Planning

Roth IRA
SEP (Simplified Employer Pension)
Simple IRA
Tax Reduction Planning
401(k) Planning
403(b) Planning
College Plans
Estate Plans 
Social Security Income Planning
Retirement Income Distribution Planning
Natural Gas Royalty Focus
Risk Management 





Life Insurance
Long-Term-Care Insurance
Disability Income Insurance
Medigap Insurance